Thursday, August 4, 2011 | By: Melina Latremouille

The many updates of a procrastinating book blogger, reader and whatnot.

You can all tell me how I have been a slacking in writing and updating and posting. I can take it.
I hope I didn't cause any abandonment issues in any of you...uumm, wait how many followers do I have?
Three? Oh ok then...
I have been stuck in a reading rut, and it's been a vicious circle. No reading, no writing. You know? Well it seems like my rut has run it's course. I had been trying to read Glimmerglass by Jenna Black, it is a good book but I couldn't stop thinking of Paranormalcy by Kiersten White! So I am kinda reading both!

Furthermore I will start a meme from The Story Siren Called Books To Pine For! It'll be a list of books not yet released that I can't wait to get my hands on!!

Happy Reading everyone!


Lyrical Brown said...

I do not feel abandoned! If you're up for some meme-ing, I just started my Best of the Bunch meme which is basically a monthly award ceremony given to the best read of the month. I have grand aspirations that it's going to rival the Booker prize for prestige in the not too distant future! Here's the link to find out more.

stargirlreads said...

Hope you get out of your reading rut!

New follower!

Visit my blog:
Ashley :)

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