Thursday, October 20, 2011 | By: Melina Latremouille

Tell All Thursday! Rhetorical question included!

Tell-All Thursday!

Hello readers and bookworms! Today I want to share with you my own original Meme! I am quite proud of it!

Every Thursday we will have a "tell all" where we mash a bunch of reading related things together!

We will be answering 5 basic questions, Who, What, When, Where and Why! I hope everyone enjoys it!! So post this meme on your blog with your answers and let's spread the word!

This week:
  1. WHO did you follow today and is worth a mention  (May it be through Twitter, a blog, tumblr, anything! Make sure you link u the profile and or blog!) ? Today I followed Danny Bookworm!! I love her tweets and her blog is neat! (hey that rhymed!!!) Find her on Twitter @Danny_Bookworm
  2. WHAT book cover would you have framed and hung over the fireplace? Eve by Anna Carey! That cover is a work of art! It tells a story! 
  3. WHEN is the next book on your wish list coming out?? November 1st! Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts!
  4. WHERE are you right at this moment? On my couch, in my living room, in my house.
  5. WHY are YA books so addictive? Someone has to answer this!
What is your question!? Tell me and it'll be on the blog next week!
Spread the word, the more followers quicker the giveaway!!


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