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{Review} Article 5 by Kristen Simmons

Article 5
by Kristen Simmons
Series: Article 5 #1
Published: January 31st 2012
Publisher: Tor Teen
ISBN: 0765329581 (ISBN13: 9780765329585)
Pages: 364
Source: Bought Myself
Reading Level: 16+
Shelf Award: Interesting Dystopian
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Where To Buy: TBD ChaptersIndigo
Summary From Goodreads:
New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., have been abandoned.
The Bill of Rights has been revoked, and replaced with the Moral Statutes.
There are no more police—instead, there are soldiers. There are no more fines for bad behavior—instead, there are arrests, trials, and maybe worse. People who get arrested usually don't come back.
Seventeen-year-old Ember Miller is old enough to remember that things weren't always this way. Living with her rebellious single mother, it's hard for her to forget that people weren't always arrested for reading the wrong books or staying out after dark. It's hard to forget that life in the United States used to be different.
Ember has perfected the art of keeping a low profile. She knows how to get the things she needs, like food stamps and hand-me-down clothes, and how to pass the random home inspections by the military. Her life is as close to peaceful as circumstances allow.
That is, until her mother is arrested for noncompliance with Article 5 of the Moral Statutes. And one of the arresting officers is none other than Chase Jennings—the only boy Ember has ever loved.

My Thoughts: 


Cover Love: I love this cover. Not because it's pretty like my usual cover crushes, but because it's atmospheric. You can feel the essence of the book just by looking at the cover. I love it.

Review: I really liked the book. I didn't completely love it at first but it grew on me. The concept was your regular YA Dystopian but with some really, and I mean REALLY, evil bad guys. Sometimes it seemed painful to read. Because Kristen Simmons leaves some to the imagination. And if yours is as broad as mine, well yeah, scary stuff. But it is for the most part implied. That and some scenes with a little, well, let's say, "frottage" if I may. That didn't bother me at all. But it's me just saying what's what.
Furthermore (I love using big words), My main and only complaint was Ember. At first she's a docile and obedient citizen, then her mother gets arrested the she turns into an (excuse my language) IMPULSIVELY IDIOT TARTE! Her horrible judgement enraged me at points where I was like this:
Hulk Smash GIF - Hulk Smash

Anyhow, at one point she straightens up and actually becomes the heroine of the novel. Unfortunately it takes a horrible tragedy for her to wake up and realize some things. I was like FINALLY! 
Because until that part the book was mostly about Chase... Wonderfully wonderful Chase who's full of yum... OK ahem, back to reality! But yeah, Chase was the hero for most of the story. It was HIS book: HIS skills saved the day and HIS loyalty kept Ember safe because she sure as heck couldn't keep herself safe even after said "TRAGEDY". In which case, if you are like me in that department you'll end up looking like I did, which is basically like that:
Oh yes, it's THAT sad! But now I won't say anymore because I will spoil it for you all!
Other great things about the book, pacing was great. I find it extremely important to be constantly hooked to your current read. Makes it much more enjoyable even when at points you want to give it a good old HULK SMASH. Then there was the action scenes! Whoa, were they awesome and graphic! 
If you don't mind a compelling read read but with a sometimes (ok OFTEN) irritating heroine this is for you. The end is great! I will definitely pick up the next in the series: Breaking Point. (OOOOH how Ominous!)

That's it for me! Did you read it? Do you want to? If you did, what did you think!? 
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kimba88 said...

I really liked this novel and found it refreshing, although at times i wanted to bash Ember...LOL. Great review!

Vegan YA Nerds said...

I remember reading heaps of reviews for this earlier in the year and then I forgot about wanting to get a copy, you've just reminded me, so thanks! I'm glad Ember shaped up, if she hadn't, this would be a pass for me, but I'm a fan of characters realising they need to step up!

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