Friday, December 16, 2011 | By: Melina Latremouille

TGIF (1)

TGIF is a super fun weekly Meme created by Ginger over at
Check it out and take part in the fun!

The question this week?
Most Popular: What blog post has gotten the most 
comments/activity on your blog this year?

My most popular post was definitely my Author Interview with Jodi Meadows + Incarnate Giveaway
Giveaways are truly a goldmine for getting your blog more attention!
Some other popular posts were:
  • My most popular review was surprisingly Firelight by Sophie Jordan! I was sure it would have been Daughter of Smoke and Bones or Shatter Me. This was in fact a nice surprise.
  • My most popular "Take a Minute" (where I hash out, blurt out and analyze a random thought) was my "I Take a Minute and... talk about hope" post. I am happy about this one and it made me decide to make this feature a weekly thing. There are a few things in the works with that idea... Should I maybe make it a meme with set questions so my followers will participate? (leave your comments/suggestions/idea below please)
Well that was my TGIF! What about you?


Susan said...

I think your take a minute post is great! It would make a wonderful meme so long as you can keep coming up with compelling questions!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that your most popular posts are never what you think they're going to be? I was surprised when I saw what mine was as well! And Giveaways are always a sure hit ;)

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